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Friday, April 10, 2009

How To Install Google Ads On The Blog

If the account we have been approved by google and we can install adsense / ad on the web / blog kita. How?
Here are the steps, to install this type of adsense content:

1. Login to http://www.google.com/adsense
2. Select the "Adsense Setup" then select "Adsense for content".
3. After that will appear some settingan ang the need, such as Format, Color, Style. I already click the "Continue>>" at the bottom.
4. Then the display will appear to enter into channel2. Its function is to mengelompokan iklan2/adsense2 made. To add a channel kilk link "Add new channel" Is love the name channelnya. I have press the "Continue>>"
5. Then click the "Submit and Get Code"
6. Nha km akan after it found a box containing a kode2/script, copy the code. and plug in the web / blog kamu.
7. What in blogspot, the way pairs select "add page element -> HTML / Javascript"

Please see if the blog is adsensnya appear? Usually adsensenya akan not appear, so have a few minutes nunggu new adsensnya appear.

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